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What to Expect

The Consultation:
As an authorized Generac service dealer we are the best choice to install your generator. Not only can we provide you with the generator, we are also licensed and insured to install your generator properly and to the specifications needed for your warranty. We would love to provide you with a FREE in-home consultation. It's important that we make sure to see exactly what your needs are so we can ensure you get the right size generator for your needs.  Alternate Power Solutions will provide you with a no-obligation quote, including all parts and labor. 
Choosing the Right Generator for Your Needs:
Alternate Power Solutions can provide you with a wide array of options to best serve your generator needs.  We've proudly partnered with Generac to offer the top products in the market. Generac is the #1 selling brand of home backup generators in the world. Click here to follow a link to calculate your generator needs and wants.  If you are unsure of your needs, we would be happy to talk to you in detail and walk you through your options. 
Choosing the Generator's Location: 

A standby generator can be no less than 5 feet from utility gas meter, air conditioning unit or an ignition source. And the closer the site is to the electric meter and the gas connection, the more you'll save on installation.  Your Alternate Power Solutions representative knows all specifications required for proper installation.  One of the many benefits of working with us is that we are trained and certified through Generac. 

Installing Your Generator:

Prior to placing the generator, the site needs to be prepared. This is achieved by putting down a GenPad on a level bed of gravel. Your installer will make sure the placement allows for all the right clearances (as close as 18" from the house, 60" from doors, windows and fresh air vents or intakes, and 36" in front and on sides to allow for a technician to perform any future checkups or maintenance). 

Once the generator is set in place, a transfer switch will be installed next to your electrical meter or breaker box. Wiring is then ran, in conduit, between the generator and the transfer switch. Then the fuel line gets installed.

After the generator installation your technician will simulate a power outage to make sure your new generator and transfer switch perform as designed. The final step is setting up your generator's "exercise,"  which is a weekly test run to ensure that everything is in good working order and ready for a power outage.



Generac Generators come with a limited 5 Year Warranty.  Should you chose to protect your investment for an extended period of time, Generac offers 5, 7 and 10 Year Extended Warranties. 

Service Contracts:
Proper maintenance is important if you want your investment to last. Having a service contract with Alternate Power Solutions will give you peace of mind knowing it's always ready and in top running condition. We update the firmware in the controller when necessary as well. It will also show Generac that your generator is  being serviced properly to maintain your Generac Warranty.  Service must be done by an Authorized Generac Service Dealer per warranty requirements.  

Mobile Link:

Mobile Link remote monitoring lets you get and share information about your home standby generator no matter where you are, using your computer, smart phone, or mobile device. Below are some of the features your Mobile Link will provide.

  • View your generator’s status and maintenance needs
  • Setup the exercise schedule
  • Review its running and maintenance history
  • Get notified of status changes
Click here to learn more about Mobile Link